The Ethics Challenge
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The Ethics Challenge"Please read The Ethics Challenge. Please act on it.  Your professional and family life alike literally depend on it. Bravo!"
-Tom Peters, "uber-guru of management" (Economist)

"When you read The Ethics Challenge, you'll see that ethics is alive and well in america.  Bob and Mick  have written an important book for today's leaders."
-Ken Blanchard,
coauthor of The One Minute Manager

"Clearly articulates what's gone wrong and what we need to do to get back on the right ethics track."
-Robert A. Eckert, Chairman/CEO, Mattel, Inc.

"This book will enrich the lives of its readers and transform everyone around them."
-George Deukmejian,
35th governor of California

"Brings virtue to life with stories and parables that should be read by everyone."
-Philip K. Howard, author of Life Without Lawyers & The Death of Common Sense

"The Ethics Challenge will help leaders strengthen their core ethical behavior and develop personally and professionally."
-Dr. Charles B. Reed, Chancellor, California State University System
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Table of Contents
Closing The Integrity Gap
Part 1: Got Ethics?
1. The Ethics Challenge: Why is it that so many of the nicest people aren’t as ethical as they think they are?                             
2. Obey Your Unenforceables: What rules of ethical behavior do you have, and how can you put them into practice?                       
3. Cheaters Never Win: Why do people think they can win by cheating, and why can’t they?                               

Part 2: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World
4. Six Actions for Meeting the Ethics Challenge: How to strengthen your ethical behavior and grow as an ethical individual and leader           

Part 3: Ethics at Work

5. Ethics for Bosses: How should bosses balance their own needs against those of their people and their organization?                   
6. Telling Truth to Power: How should one handle unwise or hurtful
behavior by the boss or a friend?                       
7. Impartiality: How impartial can we really be, and what to do about it?   
8. Giving and Receiving: What are the ethical issues around exchanging gifts with people who are neither friends nor family?       
9. How Would it Look in the Paper?: What is the relationship between appearances and ethics?                           
10. Breaking Rules: When is it ethical to break rules?                
11. What’s Fair?: Should organizations treat people all the same, or should they try to meet the special needs of each person?               
12. Lies, White Lies, and Shiny Shoes: When are we being deceptive, and when is it OK?                                

Part 4: Ethics Around Us
13. Ethics in Politics: Do we put ethics aside when we think about politics?  14. How You Play the Game: Is winning or losing more important than how you play the game?                                
15. Other People’s Money: When is it legitimate to gain benefits from other people’s property?                                
16. Ethics and the Media: How does an ethical person deal with sometimes unethical media, and what is his obligation to be informed?            
17. Ethics and the Clergy: What should we do when our religious leaders preach the inferiority of others?                        
Appendix: The Three Theories of Ethics          
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